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Walmart - Extra FAQs

FAQs about working with the Walmart channel

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Q: What are the Consumer ID and Private Key, and how do I generate them?
A: The Consumer ID and Private Key are two credentials that are required when you are interfacing with the Walmart Item Channel through PDX Syndication. To regenerate your credentials in Seller Center, click on the gear icon in the top-right of Seller Center and click on Consumer IDs & Private Keys under the API section. Follow the directions on the Consumer IDs & Private Keys tab to regenerate your credentials.

Q: What do my items look like on the Walmart site?
A: In general, they will look like other items that are being sold by Walmart, with extra information added so that customers are aware they are purchasing from you rather than Walmart.

Q: Why is my item missing on the site?
A: This usually occurs for one of the following reasons:

  • Your item is out of stock.

  • Your item has a setup error.

  • Your item is still being published (publishing can take several hours).

Q: My item has finished processing, has no errors and has inventory. Why is my item still missing on the site?
A: If you have not yet gone live, Walmart keeps your items invisible so that customers can't buy them.

Q: What about Prop 65 warnings?
A: Each Category Spec has a section for compliance; add the text that is required. For example, the Category Spec for FoodAndBeverage has a Prop 65 warning section in addition to GMO and non-GMO food-type notification and warning sections.

Q: How does item matching work?
A: Several attributes are used to match new items against existing items in the Walmart Catalog. The most important attributes for matching are global identifiers (e.g., UPC or GTIN) and manufacturer's part number. When your item is matched with one or more other items, they will be presented together on the Walmart site and the item with the best listing will win the Buy Box.

Q: What do I do if my item has been incorrectly matched on the site?
A: If you find that your item is incorrectly matched to another item, check whether the item was set up with an incorrect Product ID in your Walmart Seller Account.

Once in your Walmart Seller Account, you can update the Product ID of your item by following the steps in How to Update an Item's Product ID. If you have set up your item with the correct Product ID, create a case for Partner Support and provide documentation showing the item's Product ID is correct. This could be a link to the Manufacturer’s website (with UPC/GTIN information clearly listed for the item), an image of the item (with Product Name and UPC in clear view) or any other proof that the UPC is assigned to this item. For more information, see Contacting Walmart Partner Support.

Q: Why can’t I find my item when I search
A: There are various reasons why a published item might not appear in the search results; two common ones are:

  • The item has no inventory.

  • The item is a matched item and doesn't have the best listing.

Q: I don’t want the item on the site anymore; what should I do?
A: You can also retire an item in the Walmart Seller Center portal by going to the Manage Items page under the ITEMS & INVENTORY section in the left navigation bar. Select the checkbox next to the item and click on the Retire item button. Allow up to 24-48 hours before it is completely deactivated and unpublished from the site. If it is an urgent request (due to violations, etc.), please create a support case justifying the need and urgency. Also, setting the inventory to zero will quickly make the item unavailable to potential customers.

Q: My multi-pack or custom item was merged with an incorrect match. Why did this happen?
A: Walmart merges items with the same Product ID and shows them as one item sold by multiple Sellers. If you have a multi-pack or custom item, you must enter the Product ID that is applicable to the entire pack or custom item and not the Product ID of the individual items.

Q: Can I sell used books with valid ISBN number on Walmart Marketplace ?
A: Used books are not allowed to be sold on Only new books with valid ISBNs are permitted to be listed on

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