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Amazon Seller Central vs Vendor Central
Amazon Seller Central vs Vendor Central

What's the difference? And what's it mean for you?

Updated over a week ago

Amazon offers two different services to help promote and manage your products within their website; Vendor Central and Seller Central. 

While these two interfaces both help get your items onto Amazon's platform, they function on contrasting levels and in what they provide. 

Amazon Seller Central

  • Anyone is able to join.

  • Promotion of products handled by seller.

Amazon Vendor Central

  • Requires an invitation from Amazon to join.

  • Amazon handles promotion of products, thus increasing visibility in the marketplace

  • Allows for A+ Content, giving you options to add more detailed item descriptions and higher quality assets. 

Overall with Seller Central, you have more autonomy with your products but you must handle advertising efforts yourself. 

Meanwhile with Vendor Central you will get more eyes on your products and more resources at your disposal. 

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