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Walmart Vendor Pack vs Warehouse Pack
Walmart Vendor Pack vs Warehouse Pack

The difference between Vendor Packs and Warehouse Packs at Walmart

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When working with items for the Walmart Channel, some confusion sometimes arises around the difference between the various packaging hierarchies and especially what GTINs you should use in each case.

Note: You must use the GS1-Certified, valid and approved GTIN, UPC or ISBN numbers for your items.

The Vendor Pack
The Vendor Pack is what you send to Walmart.

  • The vendor Pack GTIN is located on the container shipping from you the supplier to a Walmart/Sam's facility.

The Warehouse Pack
The Warehouse Pack is the sellable/orderable pack Walmart distributes to it's stores or to the online-buyer.

  • The Warehouse Pack GTIN is located on an internal container when orderable pack is made up of additional shipping containers.

(A distribution center will remove this container from the orderable pack and ship it to a store or club.)

So which GTIN should I use?
Walmart wants 3 GTINs for your items:

  • GTIN (this is the "each" or sellable/orderable item GTIN)

  • Vendor Pack GTIN (this is the multiple or case GTIN)

  • Warehouse Pack GTIN (this is the "each" or sellable/orderable item GTIN)

Conditional Rules
If the Vendor Pack Quantity and Warehouse Pack Quantity = 1 (are the same), then the Vendor Pack GTIN and Warehouse Pack GTIN can be the same GTIN.

  • If the quantities are different then you have to use a different GTIN

The rule of thumb is to use the GTINs that apply specifically to the Vendor Pack and Warehouse Pack. If the item doesn't have an inner pack (1 Vendor Pack: 1 Warehouse Pack), the Warehouse Pack can use the same GTIN.

More info can be found on Walmart's FAQ page:

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