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Attributes - Adding or creating a new attribute

How to add a new attribute

Updated over a week ago

A typical scenario might be that one of your channels wants you to submit a new attribute for your items that you don't already have in your Master data.

This is a common occurrence as Channels are constantly updating their requirements. So the question is how do you add a new attribute?

Adding a new attribute for your items is created by importing a file with at least 2 Column Headings:

  • The item Id attribute (we recommend using the GTIN as the Id)

  • Your new attribute

This will create the attribute in your Master data and you can now map it to a new required attribute in a Channel.

As long as you have the product's Id to attach the new attribute to, you can add as many attributes as you wish. 


You can add/create new attributes in bulk when importing by selecting the "Create new attributes for all unmapped" option as shown below.

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