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PDX Syndication & free Vendor Portals - What's the difference ?
PDX Syndication & free Vendor Portals - What's the difference ?

Why use PDX Syndication when Vendor Portal are free?

Updated over a week ago

We frequently get asked about the benefits of PDX Syndication as compared to a free Vendor Portal. Here are a few of the benefits:

Selling to multiple vendors often requires a small army of full or part-time employees to make sure the correct information gets to the retailer and stays correct.

  • Using PDX Syndication starts at less than $2/day

  • You'll be giving super-powers to your product managers

Selling to multiple vendors means having to deal with multiple portals with multiple spreadsheets.

  • PDX Syndication unifies and centralizes your operations

  • One set of master data to serve all of your retailers

Even if you only update your items a few times a year, your retailers make changes to their requirements on a weekly basis and some changes might mean your assortment is no longer on the shelf!

  • PDX Syndication shows you the moment a requirement changes so that you can maximize your time on shelf, whether digital or physical

Creating and managing Packaging Hierarchies and Super SKUs along with marketing content is a real headache and often requires multiple communications with the retailer.

  • PDX Syndication does it in one simple step

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