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Digital Assets - Spreadsheet Import
Digital Assets - Spreadsheet Import

How to upload digital assets using a spreadsheet import

Updated over a week ago

1. Create a spreadsheet with the first column being your product ID column

2. The subsequent column headers should be links to the digital assets in the following format -  (file://YOURFILENAME.jpg) - See the example below

3. Upload the digital asset spreadsheet to master data

4. You now need to tell PDX Syndication that those attributes are to be interpreted as "Assets" otherwise the data you upload will be interpreted as text.

To tell PDX Syndication that the attributes you have added are Assets, do the following:

Head over to the Administration > Attributes from the side menu:

Find and select the attributes that need to be interpreted as "Assets" rather than text and from the green action menu select the "Convert to Asset" option.

Your images should now appear in the Digital Assets page and as thumbnails in your master Data.

Tip: You can also upload digital assets using URLs. Instead of entering the file name into the spreadsheet, enter the publicly accessible URL. 


  • File size is limited to 100mb per asset (image or pdf)

  • File extensions and names are case sensitive

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