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Amazon - Configuring your channel

What you'll need to get started with Amazon Vendor or Seller Central

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To activate your Amazon channel follow the following steps and note that there may be some differences whether you have a Seller Central vs a Vendor Central account with Amazon:

Step 1:

Get your Merchant Token (Seller Central) or Vendor Token (Vendor Central) from your Amazon Account by logging in and going to your settings menu:

The following is for Amazon Seller Central:
Select the Merchant Token Menu option in your Settings page:

Copy your Merchant Token:

Step 2:

Now back in PDX, select the channel from the drop down list in PDX

Follow the prompts presented to you in the pop-up Channel Authentication screen:


  • Identifier* - This allows you to name this specific configuration so that you can identify it in PDX should you have multiple configurations for a single Amazon Channel (a configuration might be for a specific vendor code)

  • Vendor Codes* - This can be either your Vendor Code (Vendor Central) or your Merchant Token (Seller Central)

  • Select identify provider* - this will allow you to select Amazon Seller Central vs Amazon Vendor Central for this configuration.

Step 3:

When you click on "Add channel" you will be redirected to Amazon to log in. This process authenticated you with PDX and associates the PDX configuration with your Amazon account.

Once completed, you will be redirected back to PDX and your channel should now be activated.

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