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Linking PDFs and Digital Assets to items
Linking PDFs and Digital Assets to items

Add Images or PDFs to products

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PDX Syndication allows vendors and suppliers to upload PDF and digital Images for products through the digital assets page or import them as URLs using a spreadsheet. 

Add Images and PDFs by upload

  1. Click Digital Assets in the Left User panel.

  2. Click on the Cloud icon in the top right corner, locate your image on your computer, click Open.

Add Images using spreadsheets

When adding images to your items via spreadsheet, you can use the file name from your computer or you can use a link to a publicly accessible image storing site.

  1. Open your Spreadsheet. 

  2. Create a new Column, label it something like Product Image.
    In the Product image column type:
    file://YOUR_IMAGE_NAME.JPG  if uploading from your computer.
    Get provide the link from the public image storage site if you are uploading from a website.

  3. Import your spreadsheet to PDX Syndication as you would do regular item data

You can do this with multiple items in a spreadsheet. If there are more than one Image associated with a product you will need a separate column for each image to be added to that product.

Once the image attributes from Step 2 above have been created in PDX Syndication, you'll need to tell PDX Syndication that those attributes are to be interpreted as "Assets" otherwise they will be interpreted as text.

Head over to the Administration > Attributes from the side menu:

Find and select the attributes that need to be interpreted as "Assets" rather than text and from the green action menu select the "Convert to Asset" option.

Your images should now appear in the Digital Assets page and as thumbnails in your master Data.


  • File size is limited to 100mb per asset (image or pdf)

  • File extensions and names are case sensitive

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