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How to fix excel values showing "E+11"

GTINs, UPCs, or barcodes showing up incorrectly

Updated over a week ago

When you have GTINs, UPCs, or barcodes in Excel, they sometimes get converted to a strange format like this:

You input 888899959901 and Excel turns it into 8.889E+11  

Here's the easy fix to get that full number to show up.

  1. Locate the cells and column in the spreadsheet that needs to be adjusted.

  2. Highlight the affected cells and select the "Format Cells" option.

3. Under the "Format Cells" menu, select the "Number" option in the category menu. From there, click the down arrow next to the "Decimal Places" until the number populates with "0."

4. Once the changes are done, click "OK" and the selected cells will be corrected!

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