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Moving items from one category to another
Moving items from one category to another

If your item is in the wrong category, here's how you move it...

Updated over a week ago

When syndicating items to a Channel, making sure they are in the correct category is very important.  

If you need to move items to a different category, here are the simple steps to get everything where it should be:

1. Within your Channel, search and select the items  you want to move by hitting the check box next to their ID.

2. Once selected, click on the "three line" drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select "Move" 

3. From there, you can choose the precise category you want to move your items to. 

4. Once you find your desired category, click the "Add to Category" Button and you're all set!

The items will be removed from original category and moved to the new category.

Now that your items are in a different category, new requirements and rules might now apply.

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