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Save time by having PDX Syndication do the sorting

Updated over a week ago

One major time-consuming procedure when syndicating items to marketplaces and retailers is having to manually add them to the correct category. 

With PDX Syndication' Auto-Categorization feature, you can set rules for the system to automatically send your products to the correct category on import or ad-hoc.  

1. Select a channel you want to work with
From the Channel Overview section click on your desired Channel and in the following menu section click on "Configure auto categorization"

2. Choose which categorization rules to create
After choosing your channel, you will be prompted to select which rules you want to set; Channel or Category

  • Channel rules will dictate how products will get routed to a particular channel based on the criteria you choose (i.e. a defining Value and Attribute). 

  • Category rules perform a similar function but focus on routing your product to the desired category by inputting different triggers. 

***Note: You must have a Channel Rule set before you can add Category Rules!***

3. Channel Rule: Setting Parameters
After clicking "Channel Rules" you will be shown a series of drop-down options that create "if/then" scenarios for PDX Syndication to follow. 

  • The first drop-down after "If master data attribute" will give a list of all Attributes tied to your Master Data. 

  • From there, the second drop-down centers on different conditions (i.e. empty, equals, greater than or less than, .etc). 

  • The third entry is a blank spot for you to post the defining value that the rule will set itself against. 

  • It can be a number, a word or phrase, anything you want as long as it is something within your Master Data. 

  • Once you are satisfied, click save and this rule will be saved within your account records to toggle on or off as you choose. 

4. Category Rule: Setting Parameters
Much like Channel Rules, you will be taken to a similar screen that prompts you to add rules for the system to follow. This time it is focused on which category to route your product to: 

  • The extra step asked of Category Rules is for you to provide the Leaf Category that leads to your desired product category. 

  • After you have set the Leaf Category path, the three entries for the "if/then" rules remain the same options for you to fill out. 

  • Once you are finished, select "Save" and you will then be free to toggle these rules off and on as you wish. 

5. Editing, Adding, Deleting Rules
If you wish to make any changes to your rules simply click the "Configure Auto Categorization" link again to be taken back to the Categorization menu. From here, all the rules you have created will be listed. 

  • You can click the "Plus" symbol to create a new categorization rule or additional conditions. 

  • Clicking the green slider on the right side of the menu will enable or disable the rule sets. 

  • If you wish to delete the rule completely, click on the three dots next to the rule you want to remove and select "Delete Rule." You will be asked you to confirm your command and once you give the ok, the categorization rule will be deleted. 

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