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Setting Constant Values

Create constant values for your channels

Updated over a week ago

There will be instances during product on-boarding where you may run into the same questions over and over again - and they always have the same answer. 

For example; a client sells rugs and one of the questions asked in their data requirements is if the their products includes batteries. The answer will likely be "No" every time. 

If you know that the attributes are going to be the same value, you can set up "constant values" that will automatically fill in with the desired preset value you choose. 

1. For an attribute that you wish to set a constant value for, click the dropdown next to that attribute and "Map Attribute" the same as you would set any other attribute mapping.

2. From the map attribute pop-up, select "Constant" from the left side list and then use the dropdown or free text box on the right to select or add your constant value. Then click "Map to attribute" to set the mapping.

When this is done, the mapping will hold the same as any other attribute mapping and any time that Attribute comes up, it will automatically fill with the predefined constant value. 

*Hot Tip: Even with Constant Values in place, you can still apply manual edits to any field as needed. Keep in mind if that manual edit is deleted, the original Constant Value will repopulate the field. 

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