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Product Status Explained

How to interpret the status of your products in PDX

Updated over a week ago

In PDX you are kept informed about the status of your products in a specific channel. There are 7 different statuses:

Indicates your progress completing the required information on your products for that specific retailer's category.

Indicates that all required attributes for a product have been filled and the product is ready to be submitted.
A red bar next to this status represents that there are some remaining errors to be corrected before the product can be successfully submitted.

Indicates that your product has been submitted.
This can be directly to your retailer in the case of direct channels or submitted to the designated output format in the case of Configured Channels.

Indicates that your retailer has accepted your product data.
This status does not indicate that the product has been published on the retailer's website/catalogue.

Indicates that your retailer has returned the products back to you for further edits or enrichment.
Once completed the products can be resubmitted to your retailer.

Indicates that the product was rejected.
Rejection can be due to business reasons (the retailer does not want to carry the item.)
Or it can be due to a system or workflow fault during the syndication process.

Indicates that the group of items have multiple different statuses.
Expand the item group in the grid/editor to view the individual product statuses.

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