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Walmart - Content Ownership

Understanding content ownership on item pages

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Introduction to Content Ownership

You're the expert on your items. Likewise, Walmart's Category Specialists are experts in eCommerce and have unique insight into what makes a customer buy your items on

Content ownership can vary by attribute, so there may be different Content Owners for an item's "Description" and "Key Features."

As a result, Item Pages on often show content from many different Content Owners.

Key Terms

Here's a quick overview of content concepts. 

Any attribute that describes an item, including attributes you don't directly see on the item's page (e.g., Season Code, Is Primary Variant, etc.).

Content Owner
The user who submitted content that appears on and appears in the Single Item Edit page.

Content Ranking
When multiple sources have submitted content for an attribute, Walmart uses a ranking system to determine which user is the Content Owner.

Walmart's Category Specialists (also known as Merchants) have the final say when it comes to the content that appears on For this reason, Category Specialists have the highest ranking.
If the content you’ve submitted isn't appearing on and doesn't appear in the attribute field the next time you open the Single Edit Item page for that item, you are most likely not the content owner. 

Determine Content Ownership

To find out whether you are the Content Owner of an item's attribute, log into your Walmart account/RetailLink:

  1. Go to the Manage Items page. In the grid, click on the name of the item to open the Single Item Edit page.

  2. On the Item Content and Images & Media tabs, you will see two icons (an i and a check mark) on the right of every attribute's name. 

  • If the icon is yellow, any update you submit will be reflected on and will appear in the field the next time you open the Single Item Edit page for that item. 

  • If the icon is grey, you are not the content owner. Any changes you make will be saved but won't appear on and won't show up in the field the next time you open the Single Item Edit page for that item. 

For example, the image below shows that the Supplier is the Content Owner for the Description but not for the Brand Name. 

Quick Tip

Even if you aren't the Content Owner for your item's attributes, it's essential to submit content updates. Walmart's Category Specialists continuously view new submissions, and if the quality is superior to what is on the site, it's likely they will choose to use your content.

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