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Amazon - Exporting Data

How to retrieve your product data from Amazon Vendor Central

Updated over a week ago

Using Amazon's Bulk Download feature, you can quickly obtain all your product data and have it in an easily workable format to drop into PDX Syndication for future use.

Simply follow this guide to get started: 

1. From your Vendor Central page, click on the "Items" menu option then navigate to "Catalog".   

2. The next page will take you to the "Edit details" section. Here you will be able to select from your current catalog by clicking the check box next to each item and then clicking the "Bulk Download" button.

Note: The maximum number of items you can select at a time are dictated by the "results per page" that is selected. If you wish to select more at a time, simply choose the desired results per page you want to view at the bottom of the page. 

3. After making your selections, you will be taken to the "Bulk products submissions" page. Here you can select the "Downloads" tab and download a spreadsheet complete with all the product information tied to their respective ASIN.

Keep in mind that the process of creating your download will take a few moments. This time may vary depending on the number of items selected. 

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