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Mapping Screen

How to map your attributes after uploading products

Updated over a week ago

Once your data is uploaded you will be taken to the Mapping screen.
You can also access the mapping screen by selecting the Chain icon.

To map your data:

  • The Mapping Screen is broken up into three parts: The Channel Data Attributes, Available Master Data Attributes pulled from the import, and the bottom section which lists all the currently coupled Attributes. 

  • Clicking the drop-down symbol within the first section will let you filter through which Attributes you wish to work on pairing. For the purpose of this FAQ, we're filtering just for Required Attributes within the channel.

  • Click an available Attribute from the first section, then select an appropriate Attribute from the Master Data list shown in the second section. Once an Attribute is chosen, click the "Chain" symbol to link the Attributes together. 

  • You can either choose from the suggested Attributes PDX Syndication provided, scroll through the list, or simply type in the desired Attribute within the search field. 

  • Every paired Attribute will then show up in the bottom section. Clicking the "X" next to a mapped Pair will break up the pairing. 

  • When you are satisfied with your mapping, click "Done" and PDX Syndication will save the current pairings made and use them on subsequent submissions. 

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