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New Features & Updates - Jan 2020
New Features & Updates - Jan 2020


Updated over a week ago

Announcing support for the seamless feeding of multi-lingual data to multiple global Amazon marketplaces

Stibo Systems has worked jointly with Amazon to enable an automatic, API-based push of content to Amazon, replacing the regular Vendor Central processes and eliminating the need of filling out Excel sheets.

The solution is designed to use the same data fields and formatting found in Vendor Central’s “Add” and “Edit” product tools so Amazon Selling Partners can easily adopt this new solution and automate Selection creation and maintenance.

Furthermore, full support for the management and feeding of one (or multiple) local languages in each marketplace is also supported in the Stibo Systems PDS solution.

The following Amazon marketplaces are supported:

  • Amazon-US | United States

  • Amazon-CA | Canada

  • Amazon-MX | Mexico

  • Amazon-GB | Great Britain

  • Amazon-DE | Germany

  • Amazon-ES | Spain

  • Amazon-IT | Italy

  • Amazon-FR | France

  • Amazon-NL | The Netherlands

About PDS

Stibo Systems’ PDS Solution is the simple, fast, and cost-effective way for manufacturers and brands to share and update product data with retailers, data pools and content service providers.

Sharing product data accurate with retailers and distributors is essential to business success. But getting it to the right place at the right time, and keeping it up-to-date, can be difficult because every recipient has unique requirements, formats and collection methods.

Stibo Systems’ Product Data Syndication (PDS) is built for this challenge, providing an easy, affordable way to share information with retailers, market places and data pools that are important to your business.

Using deep retail integrations and machine learning, PDS provides consistent, high-quality data that fuels engaging, trusted relationships between brands and their traditional and online retail partners.

For more information visit our website at:

Stibo Systems/PDS or call (510) 549-6588.

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