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New Features & Updates - Apr 2020
New Features & Updates - Apr 2020


Updated over a week ago

The PDS team has already assisted many brand owners and manufacturers to deliver product data to Overstock - today we announce the availability of a more comprehensive Overstock integration.

Overstock is one of the new breeds of highly successful online retailers delivering high-quality merchandise, great value, and exceptional customer service.

This improved Overstock channel allows for the fastest and most accurate delivery of data to Overstock available today:

  • Faster item setup allowing for more throughput

  • Instantaneous feedback on errors reducing the back-and-forth

  • Status tracking for items as they proceed through the Overstock workflows

  • Automatic updates to the Overstock data requirements so you always deliver the right information

  • Full support for on-boarding of product families

  • Ability to maintain existing items and variations

  • Ability to deliver digital assets

  • Comprehensive hand holding by our Customer Success team

If you supply to Overstock now is the time to sign up!

Our month-to-month, no-lock-in contracts and no charge, no-strings-attached trial promotions, mean you can try this today and see if it is right for you.


The new AAFES channel has been available for a few weeks now and together with the Item Data Management team at AAFES.

To learn more about PDS and AAFES, click here:


Syndicating data to Google Manufacturer Center using PDS is possible today. However, we are building a more sophisticated, direct API integration and are looking for volunteers to assist us.

Your organization will receive a one year no-charge subscription to this channel, in exchange for being a pilot vendor.

Please send a note to if this is of interest.


Last month we initiated a PDS Referral Program. This popular program rewards you for sharing your love of PDS with others also in need of an improved product data syndication experience.

Conditions are as follows:

  • Send a note to a company you know may be interested in PDS and cc

  • If your referral becomes a PDS customer both you and this new PDS customer will receive a no-charge, one-year subscription to a channel of your choice

  • Your organization needs to be an existing PDS customer


Did you know that Amazon US accepts two language versions [English and Spanish] for products initiated on Amazon Vendor Central?

Leading marketers are now selling in the customer’s preferred language and you can too!

Stibo’s PDS platform supports the delivery of two language versions. To syndicate Spanish language content, such as feature bullets, descriptions and keywords, simply provide that data in a separate spreadsheet or tab along with your English content and you can then deliver it to Amazon as an additional language layer.

About PDS

Stibo Systems’ PDS Solution is the simple, fast, and cost-effective way for manufacturers and brands to share and update product data with all your retailers, data pools and content service providers.

Sharing product data accurately is essential to business success. But getting it to the right place at the right time, and keeping it up-to-date, can be difficult because every recipient has unique requirements, formats and collection methods.

Stibo Systems’ Product Data Syndication (PDS) is built for this challenge, providing an easy, affordable way to share information with retailers, market places and data pools that are important to your business.

Using deep retail integrations and machine learning, PDS provides consistent, high-quality data that fuels engaging, trusted relationships between brands and their traditional and online retail partners.

For more information visit our website at:

Stibo Systems/PDS or call (510) 549-6588

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