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Step 1 - Importing Data

How to import your data

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The first thing to do after you have set up your account is to get your data ready to be imported.

The most important requirement for your import, is to have a product 'ID' column with unique IDs for each of your products.

Using PDX Syndication will help eliminate having to modify your data for a specific retailer's system so it is better to upload data that comes from as close to your native source as possible.
(e.g.: a spreadsheet where you collect all your info or an upstream database)

Helpful tips:

  • First row should be your column titles (also referred to as Attributes)

  • Don't have data span multiple cells in your spreadsheet

  • Include both an internal and external product name column

  • We recommend using the item GTIN for the unique ID

  • XLS files are recommended

  • Remember to remove macros and hidden columns

Once you have your excel spreadsheet ready, you can import the data to PDX Syndication. On the left side of the screen in PDX Syndication, click Import Data and then click upload file to find the excel file on your computer.

When you have selected your file, you will see a spreadsheet summary which will show the number of sheets, rows, and columns in your excel file. If you have more than one sheet in your file, select the sheet containing your product data and click "Next."

The next screen will give you the option to choose your import type. You'll generally always want to select "Key-based Import." Then click "Next."

The next screen will show Additional Settings including auto-assignment and auto-submit. Both will be set to "disable," unless you have enabled auto assignment and auto submit, these should remain as "disabled." Then click "Next."

You will then be on the Import Mapping screen. The Import Mapping screen will show you how the attributes on your excel file will be imported and mapped to your master data in PDX Syndication. If this is your first import to PDX Syndication, all of your attributes will be auto-mapped. Under "Your Columns," all attributes should be listed under Mapped. In the lower pane called Your Mappings, all attributes should have (NEW) after them since they are all new attributes.

If this is not your first import and you are adding new attributes, you will need to map them on the Import Mapping screen or they will not be imported. Select the new attribute under Your Columns and then click the check mark on create new attribute.

After clicking the check mark, a pop-up box to create the new attribute will appear. Click "create mapping"

Once the new attributes have been mapped, you should see them in the Your Mappings pane with (NEW) next to them. Then you can click "Apply" in the bottom right corner.

After clicking apply you will prompted to confirm the data import. Clicking "Ok" will begin the data import process.

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