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Step 3 - Getting your items ready for submission
Step 3 - Getting your items ready for submission

How to map and enrich your data

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With your data imported, and added to the channel we have to complete the required attributes in order to have the item ready for syndication.

Readiness is displayed in the progress bar for each item, with the light grey representing the percentage of attributes still remaining to be completed for the item.

To view the empty but required attributes on the item, first switch to the grid/edit view:

and then select the eye icon to select both "Empty" and "Required":

Complete the missing data by either entering the data in manually (in the field) or by selecting a value from your imported data by clicking on the down arrow at the top right of the attribute name and selecting "Map attribute".

From the pop-up attribute mapping screen you can either search for one of your imported attributes or set a constant value for cases where you don't have data and the answer/value of the attribute is always the same. (eg: 'Does it contain batteries?' can be set to "No" for all items in the category using the "Constant value" feature)

Helpful tips

  • Try to map as many attributes as you can rather than entering manual values.

  • Once the attributes are mapped, PDX Syndication will remember them for future imports of similar product families. 

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