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AAFES - Buyer's expectations

Working with your AAFES Buyer

Updated over a week ago

Like at many retailers, the Buyer at AAFES is someone with whom you will have worked closely, no matter what method you use for syndication.

At AAFES your buyer has historically been the gatekeeper in terms of what items are accepted for sale at AAFES and with PDX Syndication that doesn't change.

Your buyer has the ability to "reject" items you've sent to them using PDX Syndication and that will be reflected in PDX Syndication. While this is an improvement on manually pre-approving items before syndication, it does create a workload for your buyer that can be significant if you syndicate items in bulk.

If you are planning to send AAFES a large assortment of items, we do recommend that you keep your Buyer happy by reaching out to them so that you don't overwhelm them.

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