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Step 2 - Adding Your Data to a Channel
Step 2 - Adding Your Data to a Channel

How to add your data to a retail channel

Updated over a week ago

With your data imported, it is time to add it to your retailer inside of PDX Syndication.

Simply select the items in master Data that you want to add to a retail channel and select "Add to channel" from the action menu as shown below:

The next prompt will be to select the method, the channel and the category.

The Method - The simplest is to select the channel manually
The Channel - Pick any of your active channels from the drop down list
The Category - Select the retailer's category that your items are sold in

Lastly, click on Add Products at the bottom of the page to complete the action.

Helpful tips:

  • Knowing your retailer specific item category is important but items can easily be moved if the wrong category is selected

  • Using rules to auto assign channel and category will require setting up the rules first (see advanced features) 

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