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New Features & Updates - August 2020
New Features & Updates - August 2020


Updated over a week ago

In this August 2020 Bulletin:

  • Amazon Channel – Basic Content and A+ Content

  • Stibo Connect - Stibo's Virtual Conference

  • Stibo Systems Customer Community

  • New Functionality: Digital Catalog

  • Referral Rewards

  • AAFES Channel - New Webinar Series

Amazon Channel: Basic and A+ Content

PDS supports data feeds to all global Amazon marketplaces in all Amazon approved languages. This includes being able to deliver Spanish-language content to Amazon Vendor Central US.

Using PDS you can deliver basic product data and imagery. Additionally, we now also provide a service offering which allows for A+ content / rich content / below the fold content to be delivered.

To share the power and ease of our Amazon channels we now deliver webinars every Thursday.

Stibo Systems Customer Community

Stibo Systems is well known for its active, thriving customer community. An on-line version has been created: and we are now inviting you to be part of this.

The community allows for peer-to-peer communication and networking opportunities. Using the online community, customers can now also quickly and easily recommend desired functionality and vote on new enhancements in collaboration with their industry peers.

Customer Conference Changed to Virtual

Our "on the ground" customer conferences in Hollywood and Berlin have gone virtual. The bad news is that the scooters on Santa Monica beach will have to wait. The good news is that the event has gone virtual and Stibo customers can register at no fee. Our first-ever virtual Connect conference, will take place November 3 – 5, 2020.

Expect keynotes, information-rich sessions from thought leaders, demos and customer testimonials from all over the world and participate from the comfort of your living room.

New to PDS: Digital Catalogs

Love all-you-can-eat buffets also? You pick and choose what you want when you want, and the wait staff can focus on other things.

Well, in our data world there is a parallel: digital catalogs! Rather than you taking data to each and every retailer, you post it in an accessible web area and provide access to the partners you wish to have access that data. Your retailer partners can come in when they wish and “snack” on your data as and when their appetite calls.

To find out more, contact us below to arrange a presentation:

Referral Rewards

In April 2020 we initiated our PDS Referral Program. This popular program rewards you for sharing your love of PDS with others also in need of an improved product data syndication experience.

Conditions are as follows:

  • Send a note to a company you know may be interested, cc or forward this note to us separately

  • If your referral becomes a PDS customer both you and this new PDS customer will receive a no-charge, one-year subscription to a channel of your choice

Working with AAFES?

Stibo’s AAFES Channel has been available since early April and a new series of dedicated webinars is underway.

Many of you asked for a repeat because you missed the first series or could not attend on the Wednesday time slots. We have moved the webinars to Tuesdays and are running these webinars weekly over the coming months.

Learn what it takes to sell to the US military, understand the item data onboarding process and how you set up ship points and item variants. Take a look at our dedicated page or register for the next webinar here:

About Stibo PDS

Stibo Systems assists manufacturers, brokers, and brand owners who wish to share product data with retailers, marketplaces, and data pools. Sharing product data accurately is essential to business success. But getting that data to the right place, and keeping it up-to-date, can be difficult because every recipient has unique requirements, formats and collection methods.

PDS is custom-built to tackle this challenge, providing an easy-to-use, fast method to deliver product content so you can transact faster. Using deep retail integrations and machine learning, PDS provides consistent, high-quality data that fuels engaging, trusted relationships between brands and their traditional and online retail partners.

For general information please visit us here:

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