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Adding Users and Managing Permissions
Adding Users and Managing Permissions

Give your team the right access

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After activating your account, you may have additional members who will need access to the platform.

Inviting team members

1. In the upper-right corner of the PDX Syndication account page, click on the "Person" icon to open the Account Profile options.

2. Next, click on the "Manage Team" option to open the User Management page.

3. The User Management page is where you will send invitations to your team members. Select the "Add new user" command in the lower-left corner.

4. A new window will prompt you to provide the full name and email of the person you want to invite. Once complete, hit "Save". This will email them a link to create their own profile under the main PDX Syndication account.

5. Once the invitation is sent, all that is left is for your team member to accept the invite and set up their user profile. You can also resend the invitation link as needed.

Setting User Permissions

Each user you invite to PDX Syndication can have a different set of permissions to access the following features:

  • Importing master Data

  • User management

  • Billing payment preferences

  • Channel setup, addition and removal

  • Channel mappings

  • Submitting items to channels

  • Adding items to channels

  • Administration settings

  • Master data attributes management

These settings can be accessed by going to "Manage Team" in the top right menu:

For your additional Users you will see the following options:

Note that Administrators have access to all features:

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