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PDS is now PDX Syndication

The PDS name is changing to PDX syndication

Updated over a week ago

To better align with the broader array of Stibo Systems offerings, the PDS name is changing to PDX Syndication.

What to Expect

There will be some logo changes and you should update the URL with which you access PDS to

- Please update any bookmarks you may have set yourselves -

Why the name change to PDX Syndication?

Product Data Exchange is a platform or foundation which holds product data and supports the process of mapping and transforming between different formats and requirements.

It has 2 different services :

  • Syndication (for Vendors and suppliers)

  • Onboarding (for Retailers)

PDX Syndication provides a regularized mechanism for manufacturers to efficiently syndicate authoritative data from their internal PIM systems and use mappings and transformations to send that data to many different recipients or partners.

PDX Onboarding allows Retailers to meet their vendors where they are and provides the functionality for the Retailer to onboard new and updated products that meet their unique requirements from vendors directly, from content service providers or from data aggregators.

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