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Building your Configured Channel

Create and define attributes

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Provide Attributes

  • Once you have entered a name for your channel, the next step is to provide the Attributes.

  • In the empty text box, fill in every Attribute you want to include and hit the Enter key on your keyboard between each entry. You can also copy them and paste them all at once as well.

After making your initial list of Attributes, click on the "Category" drop-down menu and select "Root Category" (this will serve as the default destination):

Note: Attributes attached to "Root Category" will be automatically attached to your Categories, sub-categories and leaf categories.

Once you are satisfied hit the "Save" button to move on:

(don't worry if you realize you need to make changes later - you can easily return to this page to add or remove Attributes as necessary)

Define the Attribute Values

After creating your Attribute headers, next you can define how you want each Value to be entered.

Here you can set a Value to allow integers, text, drop-down options, multi-values, and even include Assets.

You can also specify if this Value can vary in different languages if you are working with multi-lingual product data. Simply select the "Languages" tab from the top menu:

From here, you can select the languages your channel can support via the drop-down menu, or by simply typing in the search bar to populate with the needed language and region:

Important! - Remember to save your work after each change you make.

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