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Creating Output for your Configured Channel
Creating Output for your Configured Channel

Define how you want to export data from your Configured Channel

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After creating your channel, you will then have to create a template for PDX to fill in when you submit data. This template will take the form of a standard Excel Spreadsheet.

Each Attribute must mirror the same name given in the Attributes section of your Configured Channel setup page and follow the same naming conventions of the ID.

Best practice:

  • Make sure to include an "ID" and "Name" Attribute and precede each with a double-underscore: {{__ID}} and {{__Name}}.

  • Naming convention:

    Set the Attribute in double-brackets "{{ }}"and use a single underscore to replace any empty spaces or special characters like periods or parentheses "_".

Once the Output template is saved, proceed to the "Output" in the Configured Channel page and click the "Publish" button at the bottom of the page to save it.

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