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AAFES - Component Items

How to send items that are components to the AAFES Exchange

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Categories concerned: Furniture

Component items are often furniture items that are provided to the AAFES Exchange as replacement parts for sets that might be sold online or in store.

A bed that comes with a roll of slats, headboard and footboard might be a single sellable item.

If any of those "components" need to be replaced, they can be provided individually by AAFES to the customer and these items are the "Components" that you the vendor would provide to AAFES.

How to Send Components to AAFES

Components are to be processed as regular items but with the word “Component” added as a prefix for the Name and Product Description of the item.

Advanced Tip:

You can automate this by doing the following:

  1. Create and import a new Attribute with values that indicate that an item is a Component or not

  2. Set a conditional value transformation on the Name and Product Description that prepends the Name and Description of the item with the word "Component" if the attribute from Step 1 has a value that indicates it's a component.

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