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Packaging Hierarchies

How to create and manage packaging hierarchy for product data syndication

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Channels this currently applies to:

  • AAFES Exchange

  • The Home Depot

When managing your product data and shipping it to retailers, keeping track of packaging hierarchies and understanding how they relate to one another is key. With PDX Syndication, Packaging Hierarchies are easy to set up.

Section 1 - Create a packaging hierarchy manually

To create a packaging hierarchy PDX users need to:

  1. Login to PDX

  2. Navigate to Master Data

  3. Open a grid view of Master Data

  4. Select the product you’d like to add to the packaging hierarchy.

  5. Search for product attribute called ‘Package content’

  6. Edit attribute (pencil icon) and select or search for product ID and add a quantity of this product that should be included in the hierarchy.

    In this window, you can add multiple references to the product. For example, the pallet can contain 100 packs of hats and 100 packs of gloves.

  7. Once you will add these references to your Master Data products they will look like this:

  8. Now when you click in your Master Data on particular product details (a product that is a member of this hierarchy), you’ll see the actual hierarchy in the “Packaging” tab.

Hierarchy direction in Master Data starts with each and flows in parent direction:
each → pack → case → pallet → display shipper (etc.)

Section 2 - Creating a packaging hierarchy via a master data import

Before importing your Hierarchy data, we will need to organize a spreadsheet for PDX Syndication to easily ingest.

In the simple example below we have the following attributes:

(these are just examples - you can call these attributes whatever you want)

Id - The unique Id of the packaging item

Name - the Name of the packaging item (optional)

Packaging level - The level this packaging item represents (optional)

Ref to EA - The reference to the level below (in this case the "Each")

QTY of EA - The quantity of the level below (in this the quantity of "Eaches")

Now you can import your spreadsheet into PDX.

When you import, you will need to map the reference to the level below to the "Package content" attribute as shown below.

  • When you do this, it will prompt you to also map the quantity this level represents as is also shown in the screenshot below

Once imported, your Master Data will reflect the hierarchy and the quantity as shown below:

What we support vs. what we don’t

What we support
✓ - Single pathway up: 

  • each => case

  • each => pallet

  • each => pack => case => pallet

  • each => case => pallet

✓ - Managing linking to packaging attributes
✓ - Enforcing business rules and workflows for packaging

What we don’t support

✗ - Mixed pallets, multiple packaging configurations
✗ - Retiring or replacement of packaging levels

✗ - Combos

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