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Making changes to Mappings

What happens when you make changes to mappings?

Updated over a week ago

When you first import your data, the system creates smart mappings for you where it makes an educated guess on what should be mapped.

You can edit these mappings at any time but be aware that when you make a change to a mapping, it will affect all instances of data mapped to it.

Avoid changing mappings to suit a subsequent import because it will "un-map" any existing mappings to that attribute.


Original Import
Name (in your import)
     < is mapped to >
Product Name (in PDX Syndication)

Subsequent Import
Name (In your import)
     < is mapped to >
Item Name (in PDX Syndication)

If you then change the Name mapping from Product Name to Item Name you will lose the values on existing products assigned to the channel with the Product Name mapping and the product will go from being "ready" to being in "error".

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