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Leaf Categories

How to find the lowest level category for your products.

Updated over a week ago

When you are assigning products to a category, you will need to place them in the lowest level leaf category.

For this guide, we will be using the fictious ACME channel as the example but the overall steps remain relatively the same for other channels: 

1.From the product category assignment screen select the category drop-down list

2. Select 'All categories'

3. Select The Home Depot (Collection)

4. Select the appropriate product category options until you are on the bottom most level.

5. Select 'Add products' on the right side.

Hint: Once you are on the bottom most level for a product category, there will be no other options on the right hand side. 

Hot Tip: You can also type in a general key word for your desired category and PDX Syndication will try to sort for the appropriate category based on your search term.

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