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AAFES Asset and Image Syndication

How to upload digital assets to the AAFES Channel

Updated over a week ago

Product Asset Workflow (PAW) Enhancement

The new enhancement will eliminate the user having to add FTP or Dropbox link to new or maintenance items in PDX. The Asset Location attribute will be removed from PDX. Users will now be able to add full size images to their items in PDX and send through with submission. All images and assets will be submitted this way.

Asset Attribute Changes:

The first asset attribute you will fill out will be "do you have asset?" This attribute is conditionally required for all online items.

  • Yes - If you have images to send with your products, select "Yes."

  • AAFES will provide Asset - If you send samples of your products to AAFES to use for their own photography, select "AAFES will provide Asset."

  • No - If you do not have an image to send at this time but will add it later, select "No." Please note this will cause your items to be returned with an asset reject reason once they reach the online team.

If you fill out "Do you have asset?" with "Yes" you will be required to provide the images. There are two attributes in which to do this. Denoted by the image icon and plus sign, these are asset attributes where you will add the actual images. If you click the plus sign this will open your library of digital assets within PDX.

  • Product to Primary Image - Conditionally required if you respond "Yes" to "Do you have asset?" Add just the main product image here.

  • Product to Alternate Image - This is a multi-value to add all other product images for that item that you wish to send.

There are 3 ways to add and syndicate images through PDX:

1. Image URLs - note: if you use image URLs, it must be a link to just the image itself, not a dropbox page that contains the image

2. File reference paths: Step 1 & Step 2

3. Manual: import as in Step 2 above then manually assign the images to items by clicking the plus sign under the image attributes for each item.

Modifying assets after they've been sent to AAFES

If you update assets on an item that has already been sent to AAFES (eg: delete asset, added asset, changed/switched primary image) there is an attribute called "Asset Reject Reason" that should be filled in when resubmitting.

You should select one or more reason from the "Asset Reject Reason" attribute shown below:

  • Wrong Image for Product

  • Image Too Large

  • Duplicate Image

  • Poor Quality

Note: if you are removing/deleting assets that were previously submitted, PDX does not send a "delete" or "remove" value, meaning that upon resubmission, the assets that you removed from the item in PDX will not be removed from the item in PIM. In order to delete those assets, you will need to reach out to AAFES by emailing PIM Admin (

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